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Peak Run Performance Head Coach Jacob Puzey explains the advantages of treadmill training as an efficient and convenient way to not only fit in a run amid a busy schedule, but as a training tool for success.

Treadmill training offers numerous benefits which include:

  • Convenience of not having to dress for the weather; plan a route; or travel to a workout location

  • May not require as extensive warm-up

  • Requires less running clothes and gear-up time

  • With a treadmill you always have your fuel nearby (marathon, ultramarathon fueling)

  • With a treadmill you always have a restroom nearby

  • No weather challenges or surface challenges due to weather conditions

  • Ability to closely control repeat times and rest times in higher intensity workouts

  • Workout variability (change of pace from outside) and ability to shut down a workout without being stranded far from home

  • Hill repeats - with benefit of not having to do the downhill interval with every uphill (or for those without access to hills)

  • Treadmill can reduce impact from forces created while running

  • Uphill hiking training (ultra hiking; uphill walking)

  • Can safely listen to music or watch TV (no bears or other unknowns)

Stay tuned for more specific training videos. We have many more to come.

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