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Consistent training is the key to progress. Unfortunately, injury impedes most runners from training consistently.

Many runners suffer from shin splints, weak ankles, or Achilles tendonitis at some point along their running journey.

These multi-directional heel and toe raises can be done before running as a means of activating and engaging the lower legs.

Perform sets of 10-15 x each direction of heel and toe raises before and after any your runs and any other time that you can throughout the day (up to 5 x per day) to create greater balance between the front and back of your lower legs while increasing strength and mobility in your ankles.

For an even more dynamic routine that targets the same areas, please refer to the Heel and Toe Walks in our Dynamic Warm-Up Routine.

Video footage by Paul Nelson and Eric Reyes

Edited by Brian Allen-Aguilar

Cover photo by Peter Collins

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